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Our Programs

Seeds of Hope has offers school groups the opportunity to bring their transitional students on Monday’s, Wednesday’s or some Friday’s. Groups come once per month, times can vary. The after 22 program is held Monday through Friday from 9-4. Join our calendar of events to be a part of our community outings throughout the week. If you are interested, please reach out to us at:


22 & Older


Groups Daily

A busy individual is a happier, healthier individual. When you join our after 22 program you can participate in any or all of our days. Monday’s and Wednesdays are days to work and fun at the Potter Road House. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are a mix of community outings and daily routines at the Seeds of Hope House. Seeds of Hope is an Iris Vendor have your adult join our programing through their Iris support. You can also join us if you provide your own caregiver.

Contact us to day to join us today.

School Groups


Once Monthly Monday, Wednesday or some Friday’s

Our School outings specialize in recognizing individuals gifts and talents. We work with students to build work skills, social skills, and community skills. Seeds of Hope provides opportunities to school districts for their high school students to prepare them for the future. Outings are organized to work within the schools needs. They can be arranged monthly or quarterly. Time frames range from one hours slots to four hour slots. Students participate in horticulture, culinary, landscape, construction and craft projects. Seeds of Hope implements activities to include all individuals no matter what their abilities or disabilities are. This is a great opportunity for students to learn what is an option for after high school.


Our Events

At the present time there are no events planned. Our third annual Push Walk Ride Event, held at the Walworth County Fair will be held August 29, 2019. Mark your calendars and contact us if you are interested in receiving more information when it is available.


Family Fun

Family Fun Events are offered throughout the month. Join our calendar of events to see what is our next fun event planned. This program is for those with developmental and other disabilities to participate in with their parent/s or caregiver or a caregiver we provide. Seeds of Hope offers social and recreational activities for those who participate. It also gives parents and caregivers a chance to get together for social interaction as well.

Activities include: Basketball, Pool, Air Hockey, Movies, Swimming, Fishing, and More

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Next year Seeds of Hope is Hoping to implement our Entrepreneurship. With groups we are growing lots of annuals and perennials, as well as making several crafts and healthy things to eat. We are hoping to encourage our after 22 year old individuals and caregivers to take on a roll to take what they have grown or made and be a micro-business. They can sell what they produce at local farm markets and special events. All profits earned will be a part of their hard earned cash to put in their pocket.



Those with developmental and other disabilities are encouraged to be a part of our Roadside Stand. At our roadside stand we sell what we produce. It could be annual baskets of flowers, granola, honey, fall mums or many other things that we produce at Seeds of Hope. Our road side stand is used to help support Seeds of Hope, as well as create learning opportunities for individuals that have an interest to participate in future micro business farm market stands.

This will be a new 2019 program. More information and participation forms will be available at a later date. We may have a Walworth location opening too.


Come Join Us

Getting started at Seeds of Hope is quick and easy. We love hearing from new people and look forward to helping our community grow. Please include which programs you are interested in, as well as any other comments or notes below. We will respond right away!

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