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We help individuals gain life skills and higher sense of purpose through an encouraging supportive environment.

Seeds of Hope teaches life skills by implementing simple tasks through horticulture, construction, culinary and recreation activities. We modify individual tasks so that everyone is needed throughout the day. Some can wash a pot, some can pull the wagon, some can use screw driver and everyone can have fun throughout the day. Smiles are always a part of our day and friendships are being built, even if words can not be spoken.

Within our supportive community caregivers and parents, receive as much support and those with developmental and other disabilities. Our learning social center is a little bit of Heaven on Earth.


Planting a beautiful community

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

The Emperor, Mulan -

Disney’s Most Inspiring Quotes.


At the learning social center, Seeds of Hope offers a loving community that individuals with developmental and other disabilities can excel and feel comfortable in. Everyone participates in indoors and outdoor activities, that provide a peaceful and therapeutic settings. This environment allows all to feel needed and have a purpose, which produces a successful outcome.